In Episode 12 of The Soul’s Work Podcast, Janice reflects on the podcast’s journey thus far, and reveals what’s up and coming for the show. For this episode’s featured topic, Janice discusses the contrast between our spiritual egos and our higher selves. She uses her own personal examples to illustrate how the ego can distract us from living our most authentic life, and how “meeting” and continuously reconnecting with her higher self has resulted in deeper self-love and the empowerment to make more authentic life decisions.

To go directly to the featured topic, jump ahead to 11:15.

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In Episode 2 of The Soul’s Work Podcast Janice discusses the practice of making life decisions that are in alignment with your own personal core values. She discusses her #1 core value, Honesty, and shares her learnings on how to discern between the voice of honesty and the voice of fear when faced with a tough decision. Your soul’s work — should you take the red pill — is to practice getting reacquainted with your intuition and voice of honesty.

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