Online Movie Downloads

It?s clear the next generation of movies will be delivered straight to our areas, the medium will naturally be the internet, with all the evolution with the worldwide web and the sure revenue generation mechanism in e-commerce, major movie studios have tied up with software providers like apple (iTunes) to get movies to us via the internet.

The study that is doing the rounds is always that sales from online movies is estimated to cross the 1.8 Billion dollar mark by 2011.There are a variety of factors which may have cause this change in medium, one is naturally the raise with the broadband , where you have access to very fast uninterrupted internet making concepts like streaming and downloading happen at high speeds so how the end-user can seamlessly access .The other reason is major movie studios have realized the opportunity of this facility. Also contributing to this consumer experience will be the variety of hardware players that exist for digital movie viewing, it ranges from portable media players to UMPCs and also the hd LCD TV’s.

Studios like Walt Disney can sell digital copies of these movies at nominal prices including $10-$15.These services are generating huge revenues for your companies like Disney. It can also be seen that newer movies are available for download to get a premium prices. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี is not all, there are a selection of portal that offer movies for download or viewing for free, With this growing trend as well as the volume of eyeballs that online movies can generate, its clear that very soon we will have movies which are generated for viewing on the web.

There was time when the large Hollywood studio considered the internet as a double edged sword, these fears were mainly because of the fact that there was piracy and while using herald of the digital era, the piracy was uncontrollable also it crossed borders and boundaries virtually.

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