In Episode 7 of The Soul’s Work Podcast, Janice discusses how creating (and doing) a daily spiritual practice can serve as a powerful path towards achieving your spiritual development goals.

For her, the daily practice of setting intention, self-reflection (including checking into her Happiness List), and giving gratitude helps her to get that much closer to living authentically and staying grounded in the present.

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In this episode:

  • Identify your purpose for incorporating a spiritual practice into your everyday life.
  • Setting a daily intention to go forward in your day with focus — how to do it and examples of intentions.
  • Using music and mind-mapping to set your daily intention.
  • Self-reflection/journaling: a learning exercise that helps you get more clear on your emotional triggers, and how to move forward with a plan that speaks to you.
  • How Janice checks in with her Happiness List to realign with her authentic self.
  • Giving gratitude: find happiness right here, right now.

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