In Episode 3 of The Soul’s Work Podcast, Janice opens up about how drinking and imagining violent scenarios in her head reinforced an avoidant response to fear (and y’all, she had a lot of fear). The good news? It is absolutely possible to re-train our brains to respond to fear with more courageous responses (and collect “courage bullets” in the process!). Janice shares her letter to Fear Voice in her quest to develop a different, more compassionate relationship with fear — because fear is here to stay! 

This is the second episode of a three-part series on Core Values.

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In this episode:

  • Janice opens up about her past fearful life — stage fright, fear of being in a relationship, fear of speaking up; if there was a fear, she had it!
  • How Janice’s defence mechanisms of drinking and imagining violent scenarios reinforced an avoidant reaction to fearful emotions
  • Collecting “courage bullets”: re-training our brain to react to fear with more courageous responses
  • Why getting to the actual root cause of our fear is an important next step
  • Developing a different relationship with Fear — because it’s here to stay (it loves us!)
  • Janice shares her letter to Fear
  • Your soul’s work: Collect a courage bullet; write your own “Dear Fear” letter

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