In Episode 13 of The Soul’s Work Podcast, Janice and her very special guest (and partner in life), Bruno Nunes, get deep into discussing the topic of romantic relationships. Listen in as they talk about four common challenges in relationships — communication and empathy, authenticity, vulnerability, and overcoming social/gendered expectations — and reflect on some ways that partners can nurture a relationship while staying true to themselves.

*Please keep in mind that we do speak through the lens of being in a gender-normative, heterosexual relationship in this episode.

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In this episode:

  • An introduction to Bruno and his relationship with Janice.
  • Communication as a shared value and all-important key to their relationship happiness.
  • Relationship challenge: Communication and empathy. How do we bring empathy into a conversation when we instinctively start from our own point of view?
  • Relationship challenge: Authenticity. How do we keep our authentic selves intact despite the conflicting pressures and expectations surrounding a relationship?
  • Getting to know yourself and what makes you happy vs. depending on a relationship for happiness.
  • Relationship challenge: Vulnerability. How do we break down the fearful walls of vulnerability when we haven’t learned how to?
  • There’s communication, and there’s also communicating about communication.
  • Relationship challenge: Social/gendered expectations regarding men expressing their feelings. How do we create a safe environment of non-judgment for both partners to get really honest?
  • Bruno’s advice to men (and anyone, really!) who fear having the “feelings” talk.
  • Janice’s advice for anyone on the receiving end of a vulnerable “feelings” talk.

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