In Episode 12 of The Soul’s Work Podcast, Janice reflects on the podcast’s journey thus far, and reveals what’s up and coming for the show. For this episode’s featured topic, Janice discusses the contrast between our spiritual egos and our higher selves. She uses her own personal examples to illustrate how the ego can distract us from living our most authentic life, and how “meeting” and continuously reconnecting with her higher self has resulted in deeper self-love and the empowerment to make more authentic life decisions.

To go directly to the featured topic, jump ahead to 11:15.

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In this episode:

  • A reflection on the first four months of The Soul’s Work Podcast.
  • Two aspects to living a more authentic life that are discussed in previous episodes: 1) learning about and reconnecting with our authentic self; 2) peeling away the layers that are covering up our authentic self.
  • What’s coming up for the future of The Soul’s Work Podcast!
  • Today’s featured topic (11:15): Our spiritual ego and our higher self.
  • How Janice’s own ego has been showing up in her life: worthiness being attached to work “success.”
  • The ego’s focus on identification with things: “the more I have, the more I am.”
  • Other aspects of the ego: the need for a sense of separation; its expression as the “incessant talking” in one’s head; its inability to live in the present.
  • Accepting the ego’s presence in our lives — trying to eliminate the ego is the ego talking!
  • Janice’s story on meeting her higher self (her “Captain”) through a visualization exercise.
  • How Janice has accessed her Captain since their first “meeting” to talk through making decisions, set intentions, and practice self-care.
  • Reconnecting with and building a relationship with our higher selves takes consistent practice.

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