In Episode 11 of The Soul’s Work Podcast, Janice shares her past experiences with alcohol abuse, some of the causes underlying it, as well as her gradual journey developing a healthier relationship with drinking.

Please note that there are details shared about events, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours that happened around those past experiences. If you feel that this episode might be triggering for you, please consider not listening to it until (and only if) you feel ready to. ❤

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In this episode:

  • A trigger warning for this podcast episode on alcohol abuse.
  • A clarification on terminology: alcohol abuse, alcohol dependency, alcohol use disorder, alcoholism.
  • The DSM-5’s Alcohol Use Disorder categories: Janice’s self-diagnosis on her past alcohol abuse.
  • Janice’s first experiences with drinking and the party life.
  • What was underlying the feeling of “freedom” that came with drinking: pain, stress, depression, and the worthiness wound.
  • The negative outcomes of drinking, including anger and memory blackouts.
  • Drinking at home: At a new low point after leaving a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship.
  • A journal entry reading on Janice’s continuing desire to escape reality.
  • The importance of de-stigmatizing substance abuse, so people are supported and don’t feel alone.
  • Janice’s “five months of soberdom,” following numerous failed attempts at cutting down on drinking.
  • What was needed for Janice to gradually move away from drinking as the norm.
  • A continuous work in progress: Working on the deeper issues that trigger the desire to drink.

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