In Episode 10 of The Soul’s Work Podcast, Janice dives into the topic of spiritual bypassing, and explains why the prevalent “feel good, vibe high” and law of attraction teachings in the spiritual/self-development spaces are not enough in: 1) addressing the complex challenges and social barriers that people face in trying to create the life that they want; and 2) promoting a comprehensive “spiritual toolbox” to help equip people in their spiritual development journeys.

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In this episode:

  • The teaching from a spiritual leader that triggered this episode’s discussion on spiritual bypassing (and what spiritual bypassing means)
  • How the law of attraction, “feel good, vibe high,” and abundance mindset approaches can come from a lens of privilege
  • The fallacy of thinking things into existence: The story of Janice 10 to 15 years ago, and how social barriers and internalized oppression impact on career and life “success” (including a journal entry reading from that time)
  • Positive thinking strategies are helpful, but limited in addressing the spiritual work of healing trauma and core wounds
  • The unintended consequence of the “feel good” approach: shame
  • A call to spiritual leaders for greater self-education and courage
  • An encouragement to all spiritual learners: You are your best teacher

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